14 Answers to Tricky Questions About Providing Web Design Services

14 Answers to Tricky Questions About Providing Web Design Services

Have you ever been designing for a client when a sticky situation pops up?

Maybe they continue to ask for more revisions than you originally planned for. 
Or they don’t provide enough information for the pages of their website.
Or they don’t have photos that compliment your designs.

How do you handle these situations?

Over the past 3 years, I’ve run into numerous unique challenges while working with clients, and I often figured them out through a series of trial and error. 

But to spare you the trouble of having to figure things out all on your own, I’ve rounded up 14 tricky questions from my Freelance Academy course Q+A’s and I’m sharing the answers with you in today’s post. 

How to Schedule Your Workday, Stay on Task, and Set Boundaries

How to Schedule Your Workday, Stay on Task, and Set Boundaries

Call me crazy, but I’ve always looked forward to the “back to school” season at the end of August. 

While it usually means that summer’s coming to a close, it also means there’s a fresh new season on the horizon. A “second New Year,” of sorts.

Because I don’t know about you, but summer is usually a lot crazier than I expect it to be. 

A couple vacations, a couple bouts of car trouble, and a big move has kicked me out of my normal work week routine, and I’m longing for routine and consistency.

Surely I’m not the only one!

In an effort to get back on track,  I rounded up my favorite tips and strategies for scheduling your workday, staying on task, and setting better boundaries to maintain a realistic work/life balance.

If you’re hoping for a fresh start to your business this fall, this post is for you.

10 Tips to Tighten Your Copy

10 Tips to Tighten Your Copy

Whether you’ve been in business for 2 years or 2 minutes, you know that being an entrepreneur requires a slew of skills. 

You have to be a salesperson, a marketer, an accountant, a project manager, a designer, a social media expert, a researcher, and a copywriter - all while being an expert in your particular field. 

And you’re probably willingly (yet hesitantly) diving into all of those roles because you have a product, service, or idea that you enjoy and believe in.

But in order to get clients and customers to pay attention to you and purchase your great product or service, you have to be able to communicate about it. You have to write about it in a way that’s genuine and persuasive.

Emails, blog posts, headlines, bios, sales pages, social media updates - being an entrepreneur means you’re constantly having to write new copy for your brand and your business.

But here’s the thing: Most of us aren’t trained copywriters. 

We haven’t had a copywriting pro sit down with us one-on-one and teach us how to write in a way that’s concise, compelling, and personable.

And if you’re anything like me, you might also have some serious resistance to promoting yourself and selling your products. 

But copywriting doesn’t have to be quite so painstaking and overwhelming. 

These 10 simple copywriting tricks will help you clearly communicate about your business in a way that resonates with people and encourages them to take action.

How to Balance a Full-Time Job and a Part-Time Freelance Business

How to Balance a Full-Time Job and a Part-Time Freelance Business

Starting a “side-hustle” has grown in popularity over the past few years, and it’s easy to understand why. 

Maintaining a full-time job while pursuing a passion project on the side offers the best of both worlds: a steady paycheck and benefits along with the opportunity to make a little extra money doing something you love.

And while there’s a lot to gain when starting a side-hustle, there’s also a lot of sacrifice.

Here at Elle & Company, we know a thing or two about balancing a full-time job and a “side hustle.”

I worked a few different 9-5 jobs while I worked to get my business up and running, and both of my assistants currently work full-time jobs while helping me with Elle & Company part-time.

All three of us understand the time and energy that goes into balancing a full-time job and a part-time passion project. 

So we rounded up some practical ways that we’ve been able to keep our heads above water and maintain our sanity in the process. 

The Complete Guide to Launching a Successful Blog

The Complete Guide to Launching a Successful Blog

People are always shocked to learn the reason Elle & Company grew exponentially in my first year of business.

It wasn’t through Instagram (although social media is a fantastic marketing tool).

It wasn’t through networking with the right people (although word of mouth and recommendations from trusted sources is helpful).

And it definitely wasn’t through some sort of big break (although that would have definitely been nice).

It was through blogging.